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After my closet tour , it got me thinking what is my dream closet ?

Most of the time we are restricted by space , budget and sometimes lack of imagination . Overcoming all these barriers I designed my dream closet and it is perfect for me. I designed it keeping myself in mind and what I would love the most.

1 . I kept the layout Circular , so everything is on display just as the stores and I am not scouting for clothes or shoes.

2. I kept a very comfortable and luxurious sofa with a very distinctive color.

3. I painted the ceiling , ombré with my favorite colors and kept the wardrobe white.

4. I planned to have a coffee/bar counter in the middle. As dressing up is always a celebration and leaving for work ,coffee is mandatory :) 5. Ample lighting and top shelves full of boxes of my favorite brands.

6. Wall to wall carpeting so I can be barefoot.

7. Full length mirror on both the sides for quick validation.

8. My favorite Carrara marble counter top

Don’t hate me but dreaming is not a crime . The best part about designers we build on your dream and never say that’s not possible.

Love always HOME DIVA DESIGNS...

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