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Kadambari Uppal and Home Diva Designs

Dubai based interior designer Kadambari provides bespoke designs. Along with her team from Home Diva Designs, she designs modern luxury holiday appartments, kitchen makeovers, cigar lounges and she also specializes in bespoke luxury interiors.

With her design acumen, she turns any old piece of furniture into amazing vintage pieces which provides an all new look to your existing space. Her interviews have been covered in most of the interior design magazines in Dubai and worldwide.

One interesting article in Dubai Magazine talks about Bathroom makeover in a classy style. She says that bathroom makeover doesn't need to cost a fortune. Instead of bathroom makeover it’s easy to add some moisture resistant wallpaper which would save a lot of cost in the design of the washroom. A unique hand painted piece of fabric can be framed and put on the wall to add that buoyant look to the entire wall and also save considerably on the cost.

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